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  • Behavioral Finance

Corporate References

Keynote Speech: "Do Hedge Funds Pose Significant Risks for the Financial Economy?"

Keynote Speech: "Predicting Mutual Fund Performance"

Internal Workshop: "Portfolio Theory and Practice"

Internal Workshop: "Using Ariticial Intelligence Profitably in Asset Management"

Keynote Speech: "Fund Selection with Machine Learning"

Keynote Speech: "Quantitative Investment Strategies for Mutual Funds"

Internal Workshop: "Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management" 

Keynote Speech: "Machine Learning for Investment Management"

Academic References

Academic Talk: "Crash Sensitivity and Stock Returns"

Academic Talk: "Idiosyncratic Volatility and Hedge Fund Returns"

Academic Talk: "Extreme Dependence Structures in Asset Pricing"

Academic Talk: "Unobserved Performance of Hedge Funds"

Academic Talk: "Do Mutual Funds Outperform in Recessions?"

Academic Talk: "Predicting the Returns of Multinational Firms"

Academic Talk: "Unobserved Trading Strategies of Hedge Funds"

Academic Talk: "Idiosyncratic Volatility and Hedge Fund Manager Skill"